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Farlow des Mottes, à l'entrainement avec François Nicolle

12/04/2013 - Découvertes
" Ce serait un être humain, Farlow des Mottes serait un chic type " Quelques jours après l'envolée de Farlow des Mottes dans le Prix Murat, France Sire vous emmène chez François Nicolle dans l'intimité du jeune champion qui vise désormais le Gras Savoye Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris. Voir le grand reportage vidéo et toutes les photos, écoutez les interviews...



Farlow des Mottes and his jockey Benoît Gicquel : " At Pau in 2011, he gave me my first win for François Nicolle. In the Prix Orcada 2012, he gave me my first black type in 6 years... I am now at the end of my career, but Farlow is only 5 and I might keep going for another while !"


Tuesday 10th April. Farlow des Mottes goes out 3rd lot. After two jumping sessions, Benoit Gicquel went racing at Nantes. Frédérique Lhomme replaces him often : " He is a lovely and sweet horse. Being partner to such a champion gets us, lads,  out in the spotlights. I will not be able to go to see him in the Grand Steeple, because of my kids but I will watch him on TV."


Farlow des Mottes nis not a strong good looking type but he is an honest and serious horse, and just...est un modèle de puissance ni d'élégance mais c'est un cheval franc, sé tout simplement très bon !



François Nicolle has now 85 horses in training, a string of 17 riders. Farlow is 4th from the end.


Lots are long at François Nicolle's, around 1h30, but horses do not really canter. They go trotting in the woods, and then go for more or less strong canters.


François Nicolle arrows the track himself between each lots.


Four days after the Prix Murat, the champion goes for a 7 1/2f canter 1500 m,on the deep sand track. His martingale was removed.


Farlow is motivated but is too much on his bit according to François Nicolle : " When he is like that, pulling a bit, he is not like I want him to be. "


Farlow des Mottes is back from his canter just behind Utopia Dream, another star. Both seem to be fresh, and they still have more work to do !


" Lets try something..." François Nicolle decides to put the martingale back on so Farlow can be on the bridle correctly


Lets go again !This time,Farlow is totally decontracted and canters with no effort. " He is perfect like this !"


Two dedicated journalists ! Arnaud Poirier proud of his champion, bred at home by hisfamily (Ecurie des Mottes). Lise Hallopé is just proud of the horse.

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