SHOW AQPS du Lion d'Angers 2013 : Résultats, photos et VIDÉOS

04/09/2013 - Ventes & Shows
Toujours aussi performants sur les rings de concours que sur les pistes de course, les frères normands Jean-Luc et Alain Couétil ont dominé la catégorie des foals, grâce à un fils de Gentlewave. Chez les 2 ans, le local Alexandre Deschère a décroché la palme avec un fils de Racinger.


Lot Name video Sire Dam Breeder
 Results :


1st : Lot 6 N. I Am Free (by Early March ex I Am Free), bred by Roger-Yves Simon.

2nd : Lot 1 N. Omirande (by Slickly Royal ex Omirande), bred by Eric Chapel.

3rd : Lot 2 N. Je Te Donne (byEarly March ex Je Te Donne), bred by Roger-Yves Simon.

This filly out of Je Te Donne is one of the last foal by the late Early March who died in 2012. Unamed, this filly born in May 2013 is a sister to Ray of Light, winner of 5 races cros country. She is related to Ma'am, winner of the Prix Samaritain at Auteuil dam of Umbrage (Prix de Craon, Prix des Guilledines, Prix Florent Charrier,...)


1 N13 OMIRANDE  " target="_blank">camera Slickly Royal
Omirande Eric Chapel
2 N13 JE TE DONNE 2013  " target="_blank">camera Early March Je Te Donne Roger-Yves Simon
3 N13 ILE D'OR  " target="_blank">camera Fragrant Mix Ile D'Or Pierre-Olivier Robert
4 N13 PLAISE AUTANT   " target="_blank">camera Slicky Royal Plaise Autant Amélie Barichard
5 N13 KARLENE CHERI  WD Epalo Karlene Cheri Constance Losfeld
6 N13 I AM FREE  " target="_blank">camera Early March I Am Free Roger-Yves Simon
7 N13 NASKA  " target="_blank">camera Balko Naska Alain Pajot
07b N13 LAMBERLINE  WD Early March Lamberline Julien Grasland

Results :


1st : Lot D'Or Môme (by Puit d'Or ex Iphanie), bred by Alexandre-René Deschère.

2nd : Lot 13 N. Koscina (by Spanish Moon ex Koscina), bred by Mylène Peltier.

3rd : Lot 23 N. Joslaine (by High Rock ex Joslaine), bred by Gilles Chaignon.

The colt out of Puit d'Or is from the great "Môme" family bred by Alexandre-René Deschère, including the Grand National at Aintree winner Mon Môme. Amazone Môme, his 3yo sister by Honolulu won at Royan on the flat since the catalogue publication. Born on 13th April, D'Or Mômo is related to Kalca Môme (13 wins), Pêche Môme (Prix Glorieuse) and Saga Môme (8 wins incl. Prix Alfred in Dreux and Laniste at Auteuil)


8 N13 REINE DU GRANIT  " target="_blank">camera Great Pretender Reine Du Granit Pierre-Olivier Robert
9 N13 RAPIDE MOME  " target="_blank">camera Tiger Groom Rapide Mome Alexandre Rene-Deschere
10 N13 PIBALE  " target="_blank">camera Irish Wells Pibale Gilles Chaignon
11 N13 PIPELANE  " target="_blank">camera Satri Pipelane M.Pierrick Buord
12 N13 STAR FOLLE PRAIL  WD Al Namix Star Folle Prail Emile Hallais


" target="_blank">camera

Spanish Moon Koscina Mylene Peltier
14 N13 IROISE D'OUDAIRIES  " target="_blank">camera Vision D'etat Iroise D'Oudairies Comte Michel De Gigou
15 N13 GARVINA  " target="_blank">camera Baloo Du Camp Garvina Alain Pajot
16 DOLL MOME  " target="_blank">camera Puit D'or Oll Mighty Fellow Alexandre Rene-Deschere
17 N13 ROXANE DU BOIS  " target="_blank">camera Lord Du Sud Roxane Du Bois Philippe Raoult
18 DOM TURF  " target="_blank">camera König Turf Gaie Anna Albertine Lotout
19 DRYENNAIS  " target="_blank">camera Great Pretender Teriniere Paul De Legge
20 N13 GLYCINE BLEUE  " target="_blank">camera Saddler Maker Glycine Bleue Alain Peltier
21 N13 SUN QUEEN  " target="_blank">camera Great Pretender Sun Queen Sabine Guille Royer
22 N13 SUN DES MOTTES  WD Maresca Sorrento Sun Des Mottes Ecurie Des Mottes
23 N13 JOSLAINE  " target="_blank">camera High Rock Joslaine Gilles Chaignon
24 D'OR MOME  " target="_blank">camera Puit D'or Iphanie Alexandre Rene-Deschere
Results :


1st : Lot 30 N. Neiland (by Linda's Lad ex Neiland), bred by S.C. Couetil

2nd : Lot 27 N. Qui est Qui (by Satri ex Qui Est Qui), bred by Bernard Macault

3rd : Lot 29 Dior Kergador (by Grand Couturier ex Just In), bred by Michel Coroller

This filly born on 27th March is a sister to triple winner Urano (unbeaten in France in 3 runs) and Tamara (4 wins incl. Prix Useful at Chateaubriant). She is a grand daughter to Vindhy, successful in the Prix Chloris, from the family of Honey (Prix Louis Champion) and dam of So Young, Ograndy, Quarouso and Upazo.She is also a cousin to Ubriska (Prix Glorieuse) and Adula (unbeaten in 2 outings incl. Critérium du Centre-Est).


25 N13 QIMBLE KERVERO  " target="_blank">camera Le Fou Qimble Kervero Francois L'allinec
26 N13 INNSBRUCK  " target="_blank">camera Irish Wells Innsbruck Guilaume Thomas
27 N13 QUI EST QUI  " target="_blank">camera Saint Des Saints Qui Est Qui Bernard Macault
28 N13 KANDORA  " target="_blank">camera Blue Bresil Kandora Roger-Yves Simon
29 DIOR KERGADOR  " target="_blank">camera Grand Couturier Just In Michel Coroller
30 N13 NEILAND  " target="_blank">camera Linda's Lad Neiland Couetil Elevage
31 DAME GROOM  " target="_blank">camera Tiger Groom Notre Dame Bleue Jerome Delaunay
32 N13 NYMPHE DE SIVOLA  " target="_blank">camera Martaline Nymphe De Sivola Francois L'allinec

Results :


1st : Lot 41 N. Tipora (by Gentlewave ex Tipora), bred by Jean-Luc Couetil

2nd : Lot 34 Dortmund Park (by Great Pretender ex Qena), bred by Patrick Roulois

3rd : Lot 40 Dirty Boy (by Early March ex Inchala), bred by Roger-Yves Simon

 Born on 20th February, this colt by Gentlwave, unusual sire for an AQPS show, is first foal to his dam Tipora, flat winner at Le Mans, and nephew to Upsie, winner of the Prix Jacques de Vienne and unbeaten since her importation from Ireland. He is also related to Adjie, flat placed at Pornichet on her debuts since the catalogue publication.


33 N13 OUCHKA   Denham Red Ouchka Hervé Robert
34 DORTMUND PARK   Great Pretender Qena Patrick Roulois
35 N13 PUSZTA DES MOTTES   Kapgarde Puszta Des Mottes Ecurie Des Mottes
36 DUC MOME   Policy Maker Lamoune Alexandre Rene-Deschere
37 N13 LUTTICA   Sunday Break Luttica Guilaume Thomas
38 N13 QUININE   Irish Wells Quinine Comte Michel De Gigou
39 N13 THURSDAY'S   Al Namix Thursday'S Jerome Geneve
40 N13 INCHALA   Early March Inchala Roger-Yves Simon
41 DOMSTY   Gentlewave Tipora Jean-Luc Couetil
41b DOM GARO CATELINE   Ungaro Dame Jaune Xavier Burel Delavigne


Best colt foal : Lot 24 D'Or Môme (by Puit d'Or ex Iphanie), bred by Alexandre-René Deschère.

Best filly foal : Lot 30 N. Neiland (by Linda's Lad ex Neiland), bred by S.C. Couetil

Best overall Foal : Lot 30 N. Neiland (by Linda's Lad ex Neiland), bred by S.C. Couetil

Another supreme foal trophy for the Couetil brothers, Alain and Jean-Luc from Haras du Brem, rewarded by Yves d'Armaille and Yann Poirier





1st : Lot 48 Bimble (by Vespone ex Qimble Kervero), bred by François L'Allinec

2nd : Lot 51 Beautiful People (by Early March ex Night Fever), bred by Roger-Yves Simon

3rd : Lot 44 Baby Jane (by Johann Quatz ex Hasta Manana), bred by Roger-Yves Simon

After winning the 2yo AQPS show at Pin Au Haras, Bimble, this Vespone filly was also rewarded here at Lion d'Angers. Her owner breeder François L'Allinec was rewarded by Alain Darroux of Equidarmor. The filly out of Qimble Kervero will certainly be offered on the Osarus'' ring in November for the first NH sale of the company. 


42 BRIO DES MOTTES   Martaline Lasix des Mottes Ecurie Des Mottes
43 BREIZH MAD  ABS Axxos Omelia Michel Le Meur
44 BABY JANE   Johann Quatz Hasta Manana Roger-Yves Simon
45 BELMIX DE JOY   Al Namix Ophelie De Joy Michel Cahu
46 BUGATTI DES MOTTES   Nidor Daisy Des Mottes Ecurie Des Mottes
47 BATOUNA   Enrique Medjie Jean-Luc Couetil
48 BIMBLE   Vespone Qimble Kervero Francois L'allinec
49 BONUS DES MOTTES   Risk Seeker Java D'Herodiere Ecurie Des Mottes
50 BELLA DE GRISSAY   Le Balafre Kubana Maurice Batiot
51 BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE   Early March Night Fever Roger-Yves Simon
52 BELAMIX DOR   Al Namix Paladoune Michel Cahu
53 BANCO DES MOTTES   Kapgarde Qasino Des Mottes Ecurie Des Mottes
54 BELLE DE SIENNE   Al Namix Heroine De Sienne Gilbert Langelier
55 BELLEMADY MONTERG   Maresca Sorrento Melody D'Herodiere Haute Perriere
56 BABYLONE DES MOTTES  ABS Blue Bresil Nellyssa Bleu Ecurie Des Mottes
57 BIUTY DE ROUHET  ABS Day Flight Kermesse D'Estruval Francois De La Beraudiere
58 BARBARELLA SMART   Hurricane Cat Maya Du Frene Ecurie Smart

Results :


1st : Lot 65 Beau Môme (by Racinger ex Lamoune), bred by Alexandre-René Deschère

2nd : Lot 62 Blason d'Oudairies (by Dom Alco ex Quinine), bred by le Comte Michel de Gigou

3rd : Lot 85 Banal (by Balko ex Ravissante), bred by Jacques Provost

Best 2yo colt by Racinger out of Lamoune ...


... but also the 2yo champion.
His owner breeder, Alexandre-René Deschère is based in Maine-et-Loire where he breeds all the "Môme". Beau Mômeis by Racinger whom first crop, aged 2, is on the track in 2013. On his dam side, Lamoune, by Smadoun, is a sister to Iphanie, dam of the best colt foal earlier in the day (see above).


Champion 2yo: Lot 65 Beau Môme (by Racinger ex Lamoune), bred by Alexandre-René Deschère


59 BALISKO   Day Flight Ghostaline Dominique Gouin
60 BLUESTAR D'ARMOR   Roli Abi Ostartzen D'Armor Lionel Hervo
61 BALESTARD KERGADOR   Axxos Just In Michel Coroller
62 BLASON D'OUDAIRIES   Dom Alco Quinine Comte Michel De Gigou
63 BORUSSIA PARK   Smadoun Qena Patrick Roulois
64 BATON GLACE   Le Balafre Louhelie Maryvonne Gendron-Avranche
65 BEAU MOME   Racinger Lamoune Alexandre Rene-Deschere
66 BLEU ET OR   Maresca Sorrento Panoplie Nicolas Landon
67 BRAIZE   Maresca Sorrento Raise Haras De La Rousseliere
68 BELLOW MOME   Honolulu Oll Mighty Fellow Alexandre Rene-Deschere
69 BLEU DE PAIL   Blue Bresil Huronne Jean-Raymond Breton
70 BALANDRY  WD Maresca Sorrento July Bleue Michel Travers
71 BEC D'ANDAINE   Al Namix Oseille Chantal Alglave
72 BARBE ROUGE   Laveron Ephese V Patrick Boiteau
73 BRIN D'ORGE  WD Protektor New Course Constance Losfeld
74 BROOK DES BRUYERES   Protektor Crisse Guilaume Thomas
75 BARMAN   Racinger Koscina Ecurie Cerdeval
76 BAD BOY DE ROUHET    Le Balafre Querelle D'Estruval Francois De La Beraudiere
77 BLACK BEL FIDGIS   Ultimately Lucky Odysse Fidjis Fidjis
78 BALAJOIE D'ARMOR   Roli Abi Joyeuse De Rica Lionel Hervo
79 BOUM DE CŒUR   Roli Abi Plume De Cœur Olivier Burlot
80 BLACK MOME   Day Flight Iphanie Alexandre Rene-Deschere
81 BACCARAT DU ROZEL   Crillon Flower Du Rozel Rozel Blin Lebreton
82 BALYSSA MONTERG   Le Balafre Mellyssa Haute Perriere
83 BLEU ET ROUGE   Charming Groom Lady Du Renom Haras De La Rousseliere
84 BALALAIKA   Speedmaster Jarden de Gravelle Caroline Moreau
85 BANAL   Balko Ravissante Jacques Provost
86 BLACK DU MESNIL   Crillon Bellevue Du Mesnil Jean Pierre Aumont
87 BEL ESPOIR   Zambezi Sun Nacacia Ecurie Cerdeval


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