Decize 2011 : we thought the General was back !

2011/08/31 - Events
A huge thunderbolt as everyone was equiped with headgear on this special day. We could think General de Gaulle was back at Decize in Nièvre especially for the famous AQPS annual contest. But not really, and as for the living deads, it was Dom Alco's turn who won a posthumous fight with his foals. Quite clumsy as a young deceased figure, he cracked the sky opened by mistake, releasing pouring rain on all contestants, poor mortals hit by the storm. What a summer !


There are not many sunbathers at Decize. It is not a reason to ruin the summer with one of the worst day of november to end up the holidays with the AQPS show, which gathers the most beautiful 2yos and foals, all from center-east of France. Of course, all members of the central-east union who organise the show have a pair of wellies in the boot of their cars (green or brown, not fancy pink with green dots or a white skull like in Deauville). But no one wants to take them out when it comes to show off, as Decize is a beauty contest for young colts and fillies who have a great future over jumps. We will only know later if they are good or not. For the moment, they only generate long debates about their physiques, good or bad assets, which usually end up picking the most charming one. This is how a son of Dom Alco won the foals contest: a perfect model and a great charisma.



Even the irish were surprised by the weather, Freddy Murphy and Willie Mullins, who bought rain gears with the help of Capucine Houel (FRBC)


Not easy to seduce under torrential rain. It rained heavily all day, with thunder on the top of it. It was so bad that we had to stop the live broadcast after 2 hours on air. This is seriously bad luck. And very frustating for the organising team, directed by Andrée Cyprès, who works like mad all year long as volunteers to put up together this internationally famous show. So international that Willie Mullins, one of the best NH trainer in Ireland, came over for the first time... One thing for sure, the horses, imperturbable, did, as usual, exactly what we asked them to do. They paraded quietly. But because of all these reasons, the pictures do not reflect the natural true beauty of the winners...

2yo FILLIES : 1st division

1st : 6 - VROUM VROUM MAG (Voix du Nord ex Naïade Mag, by Kadalko). By the fashionable stallion Voix du Nord (sire of Ceasar's Palace), this brown filly is owned by Audouin Maggiar and was showed by Nicolas Cyprès (58). Her dam Naïade Mag is a sister to Saint Aré (Network), Gr.1 winner at Aintree in April 2011. She already won Cercy-la-Tour's show in June.

2nd : 10 - Vénus Collonges (Dom Alco ex Grâce Collonges, by Bayolidaan) - Patrick Joubert (03), Paul Couderc and Emmanuel Clayeux
3rd : 14 - Vahina Mans (Robin des Champs ex Keep Well, by Agent Bleu) - Hubert et Gérard Delorme (71)


Vroum Vroum Mag, with Nicolas Cyprès and Antoine-Audouin Maggiar, rewarded by Hervé d'Armaillé

  2yo FILLIES: 2nd division

1st : 21 - VERSION ORIGINALE (Ekraar ex Legitime by Kadalko). Nicolas de Lageneste (Haras de Saint-Voir) is not afraid of long trips. He went to Italy to get the stallion Ekraar, a son of Red Ransom, dual Gr.1 winner, to cover his mare Légitime, winner at Auteuil, sister of the champions Homme du Jour and Rendons Grâce, both NH Gr.1 winners. This filly already won the show at Paray-le-Monial.

2nd : 17 - Vahinée Collonges (Protektor ex Marquise Collonges by Kadalko) - Gaec Delorme (71)
3rd : 24 - Vara des Champs (Robin des Champs ex Daytona II by Vidéo Rock) - Denis Fontaine (21)


Version Originale, wins at Decize after her success at Paray-le-Monial

2yo COLTS and GELDINGS : 1st division

1st : 32 - VINCI DES GAGNEUX (Assessor ex Odacieuse d'Haut Marc, by Subotica). Based in Allier, Christian Bonjean bred a beautiful gelding from the old inactive family of Solornaye de Guye and Flambeau de Guye. He defeated the winner of Cercy's show and took his revenge on Violet Rose, who beat him at Paray-le-Monial.

2nd : 43 - Vas T'Y Frotter (Fragrant Mix ex Quamiland by Lost World) - Thierry Cyprès (58), Edward Walsh, Philippe Peltier
3rd : 39 - Violet Rose (Lavirco ex Ile Rose by Le Riverain) - Patrick Joubert (03)

Christian Bonjean, breeder of Vinci des Gagneux, rewarded by François Magnien

2yo COLTS and GELDINGS : 2nd division

1st: 54 - VALLENDAR (Shaanmer ex Koukie, by Lute Antique) - Jacques Cyprès. Quite a late success for Shaanmer, who was very successful at the beginning but then went down in popularity. The dam of this powerful colt, Koukie, is very well bred and is a sister to soeur de Gastby IV, Edouardo, Domaine de Pron, Acapulco IV, etc...

2nd : 48 - Vénus de Moulins (Seccret Singer ex Neptune de Moulins, by Dom Alco) - Angélique Douard (58)
3rd : 52 - Very Klas (Sacro Saint ex Marbela, by Dom Alco) - Béatrice Nicco (03)

Vallendar takes the 2nd division of colts and geldings, and wax crowned overall 2yo champion of Decize 2011


COLT FOALS  : 1st division

1st  : 93 - M11 CROSSHARBOUR ex LA MENARDIERE, by True Brave. Jacques Cyprès. A great start for the young stallion Crossharbour, with his 1st foals. The dam is a sister to the classic Né à Pron, one of the best NH mare of Auteuil who was born at Pron but died on the battlefield.

2nd : 88 - M11 Daramsar ex Fautrenne by Brezzo - Jacques Lauriot (21)
3rd : 90 - M11 Malinas ex Lady de Pâques by Lights Out - Sandrine Guégan (58)


The Cyprès brothers (Nicolas and Arthur), with their wellies, receive the top price from François Gorioux for this Crossharbour foal, a  well appreciated sire through his first crop.

FOALS - COLTS  : 2nd division

1st : 109 - M11 DOM ALCO ex JIMANJIE by Kadalko. EARL Trinquet. Nephew to Innox, cousin to Nitrat, this gorgeous foal, who was also crowned overall champion of Decize 2011, comes from the family of the matron Une Veine, whom family gathers the famous L'Ami, Kelami and Belami.

2nd: 110 - M11 Malinas ex Rêve Alex by Lost Word - Didier Berland (71)
3rd: 100 - M11 Network ex Luzarches by Sleeping Car - Chantal Hérissay de Laitre (03)


Last title with a foal for the late Dom Alco, who died in December 2010. Owned by the Trinquet family, he will also be crowned Champion of Decize 2011.

FOALS - FILLIES : 1st division

1st : 60 - F11 DOM ALCO ex NAIADE MAG by Kadalko - Antoine-Audouin Maggiar (58). Big day for Naïade Mag, a sister to Saint Aré (1st Gr.1 at Aintree), who wins the foals division after taking the 2yo section with her daughter Vroum Vroum Mag. Both were raised at Jacques Cyprès.

2nd : 61 - F11 Laverock ex Opaline du Noyer by Ragmar - Louis Couteaudier (58)
3rd : 59 - F11 Network ex Laurence by Hawker's News - Christine Nicolle (58)

After the 2yo by Voix du Nord, the foal out of Naïde Mag takes the 1st spot in the foal divsion, for a pretty happy Antoine-Audouin Maggiar

FOALS - FILLIES :  2nd division

1st : 78 - F11 SADDLER MAKER ex QUINTA by Ragmar - Yves d'Armaillé (58). The sire Saddler Maker, an atypical stallion based in Anjou with Nicolas Devilder, is well known to produce nice looking foals. Here is another proof, with this filly out of the semi-classic mare Quinta (2nd Prix de Craon), from a very good family of the Center of France, who produced great winners, successful family for many breeders just like the d'Armaillé family.

2nd : 81 - F11 Lucarno ex Lola Lolita by Dom Alco - Jacques Lauriot (21)
3rd : 77 - F11 Irish Wells ex Nashkille by Roi de Rome - Patrice Rabineau (58)


Hervé d'Armaillé and his family receive top price thanks to the filly by Saddler Maker ex Quinta

  FOALS CHAMPION : 109 - F11 Dom Alco ex Jimanjie - EARL Trinquet